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Soup and bread for a rainy day

By On March 1, 2017

We recently had some terrible ice storms that left us stranded in our home.  It was a perfect day to make a hearty soup to warm and fortify us.  This soup is… Read More

steamed boston brown bread with raisins
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Boston Brown Bread

By On February 22, 2017

With all the sweets we’ve been gobbling down (Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Marmalade…. yep, it adds up!) we wanted to bring you (and ourselves) something a little more hearty and whole grain. Enter… Read More

yeasted corn bread
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Yeasted Corn Bread

By On September 9, 2016

Corn is still going strong and the weather is finally cooling down a bit to make baking in the kitchen fun again. This yeasted corn bread takes advantage of all the pre-fall… Read More

pressed focaccia sandwich-Slice of Life Show

Pressed Focaccia Sandwich

By On July 29, 2016

Summer is in full swing and that means the temperature has risen! It’s a great time to make a sandwich for dinner and head outside or to the water to find a… Read More

homemade hamburger buns
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Homemade Hamburger Buns

By On June 24, 2016

Summer is here! Summer means grilling, of course. We love to grill using charcoal–it gives amazing flavor that cannot be matched with gas. Another thing that cannot be matched is these homemade hamburger… Read More

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Sprouted Wheat Bread

By On May 11, 2016

Have you ever noticed that most “whole wheat” breads are not actually 100% whole wheat? Usually they are a blend of whole wheat and white all-purpose or bread flour. This is because… Read More


Homemade Breadcrumbs

By On January 13, 2016

Things like breadcrumbs, or croutons, are easy to make at home if you have a few minutes, and are far better then what you can purchase in the store. The best part… Read More

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Crunchy Croutons

By On November 5, 2015

If you are baking bread this time of year, you know that sometimes you end up with a little more bread then you bargained for! There are times when we can’t eat… Read More


Ingredient Spotlight: All-Purpose Flour

By On August 15, 2015

    All-purpose flour. What is it? Why is it termed “all-purpose” and can you really use it as such? What if I need to make a cake. Can I use all-purpose… Read More

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Potato Bread

By On August 6, 2015

There are some great things about summer… the produce, the weather, and the simple meals.  This potato bread is a loaf you can make over and over again and count on it… Read More