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pressed focaccia sandwich-Slice of Life Show

Pressed Focaccia Sandwich

By On July 29, 2016

Summer is in full swing and that means the temperature has risen! It’s a great time to make a sandwich for dinner and head outside or to the water to find a… Read More

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Crab and Avocado Focaccia Panini

By On January 27, 2016

Since crab is in season on the Oregon coast, I wanted to repost this tasty crab and avocado panini recipe.  Also try making the Focaccia bread and the Mayonnaise recipes.… Read More

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Focaccia Test Baker Success

By On August 14, 2014

I followed Katie’s excellent instructions and was able to make two delicious loaves of focaccia. The bread was fun to make and much easier that I thought it would be.  The best… Read More

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The Moment of Truth

By On August 11, 2014

First of all usually every Sunday I cook several dishes.  Number one it is the way I relieve stress and it gives the family homemade healthy food to enjoy throughout the week.… Read More

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By On July 26, 2014

I made two test batches of this recipe for Katie’s fabulous Focaccia Bread from Episode 1.  The first batch seemed to take a little longer then 7 minutes for my dough to… Read More

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Canuk baker gives two hockey glove thumbs up for Katie’s focaccia recipe!

By On July 23, 2014

First and foremost, Katie’s focaccia bread is really, really delicious and very simple to make.  The crust is heaven.  The inside of the bread is a slight light brown color, light, fluffy, really tasty.… Read More

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By On July 20, 2014

 This recipe goes with the Focaccia bread and Crab Sandwich recipes in Episode 1.     … Read More

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Focaccia Bread Recipe

By On July 12, 2014

  This recipe goes with the Mayonnaise and Crab Sandwich recipes in Episode 1.    … Read More