About Us



Katie McNeil

Baking incredible bread has been a passion of Katie’s since she first tasted fresh baked bread as a youngster.  She says she’s “self-taught” in the art of artisan baking; handcrafted with fresh, sustainable ingredients from local sources.  After reading an article on “How to Make Your Own Sourdough”, Katie gave it a try.  Her sourdough bread was so deliciously successful, she became a pastry chef and launched her own catering business in 1994, selling baked goodies and breads at the Farmers’ Market in Newport, Oregon.  She eventually opened a bakery in a tiny kitchen, which she quickly outgrew.

Two decades later, Katie, along with her husband Mike Smith,  are the proud, and sometimes sleep-deprived, owners of the wildly successful Pacific Sourdough Bakery in the sleepy seaside town of Waldport, Oregon.   Six days a week Katie is up to her elbows in dough, creating Artisan breads and treats, including her signature sourdough bread made from her own coastal starter- which she created back in the ’90’s.  Yep, Katie’s the Real Deal– just taste her bread.  Pass the butter, please.


Mike Smith

Katie’s husband, Mike is the CEO and President of Pacific Sourdough Bakery. He describes his many job titles as “head dishwasher, head floor sweeper, delivery driver, trash man, and most importantly, keep Katie happy man.” Together they provide baked goods to several Oregon Coast restaurants.  They also join other local artisans at regional Farmers’ Markets from spring to fall, selling out of their breads and pastries to long lines of loyal customers. Mike can also make a mean pizza.



Pacific Sourdough Bakery

Pacific Sourdough is a small artisan bakery located next to Alsea Bay on the Oregon Coast.  We create natural leavened sourdough breads, delicious coffee-house pastries and specialty desserts, all made from scratch.  All of the breads and pastries are handmade in small batches.  They contain no preservatives, artificial ingredients or hydrogenated oils.  We use sustainable northwest grown wheat flours, organic nuts, spices, and seeds, locally made butter and the best fruits of the season.

We care very much that you have good bread to eat!

Besides providing fresh baked breads and desserts to local restaurants and shops, we sell our Pacific Sourdough goodies at the Saturday Farmers’ Market in the nearby coastal town of Newport.  Market shoppers will find a wide variety of handcrafted breads, from whole grain loaves to fresh fruit desserts and specialty pastries baked fresh that day- often still warm from the oven!  Here you can enjoy the seasonal offerings and inspirations of the baker exclusive to the Farmers’ Market venue.